Meet Dominick Christian Thayer, an Oklahoma City resident who only loves five things: Gold paint, RC Cola, Chili's (the dining establishment, of course), stealing trucks, and "wearing shorts that expose his genitals and buttocks."

According to, Thayer, a 39-year-old with an extensive rap sheet in Oklahoma and Canada, was arrested at an Oklahoma City Chili's on Monday after an officer eating lunch saw him walk into the restaurant barefoot with no shirt and partially-exposed "buttocks."

Shirtless, shoeless, buttock-exposed men are apparently fairly normal sights in Oklahoma City, because the officer didn't do anything until Thayer walked out again and entered the cab of an RC Cola delivery truck. This seems to have perturbed the officer, who proceeded to arrest Thayer at gunpoint. He—Thayer, not the officer—had gold paint all over his face and shorts, and "his genitals were exposed through the shorts' open zipper."

And what was Thayer doing in Chili's? Oh, just threatening a family with a knife before being chased away by an employee. Just like in Oklahoma! And for those worried: As far as we know, the RC Cola delivery truck was able to complete its rounds.