Sorry, it's just science. A new study confirms that men whose wives make more than they do are more likely to cheat. This study was conducted by a PhD student from Cornell—an Ivy!—so it must be real.

Yes, in part three of today's series about the weaker and more dangerous sex, we learn that women with the selfishness and arrogance to earn more than their husbands are driving the poor men to seek manly validation elsewhere. Mainly they are looking for it in other ladies' vaginae. Also, the study found that these disgusting, husband-ignoring careerist feminists are more likely to cheat on their spouses, because they think they're so hot and can do whatever they want (and feel less financially dependent on their husbands).

So take heed, girls! You'll never have a stable or happy family life if you endeavor to shame and emasculate your husband by pursuing your own dreams and goals. Make his goals your goals. Helping him achieve his dreams should become your dream. Otherwise you'll just die a lonely wretch who is probably some kind of gross lesbian anyway.

[via Business Insider, Image: Getty]