Well, this was inevitable, what with Israel's political situation, and the existence of Facebook: a former Israeli soldier has posted some photos of herself posing with blindfolded Palestinians, for kicks. Mini-Abu Ghraib?

Eden Abergil got out of the Israeli Defense Forces a year ago, but of course it's never too late for her to post funny photos of her time in the Army, guarding blindfolded prisoners (the name of the album: "Army.. the most beautiful time of my life :)"). Now the photos are all over the Israeli (and world) media, and the Israeli government is decrying them, but they can't stop Abergil, legally. She's handling her own PR, apparently:

Israeli blogger Lisa Goldman contacted the former soldier via Facebook, who replied: "I don't speak to leftists."

Okay! This will play well in Palestine. As always when young soldiers put up idiotic pictures of evil actions, let's just take a moment to remember who put the soldiers there in the first place.

[Photos via Dimi's Notes]