Apple is directly creating ads on the iPhone and imposing "tight control" over the creative process for its "iAds" platform, sources tell the Wall Street Journal. The control-freakery has already driven away Chanel and delayed other campaigns.

CEO Steve Jobs promised when announcing iAds that Apple would use a "light touch" when reviewing iAds, which run inside iPhone apps. But Apple's deep involvement has delayed campaigns from Citigroup and others, the Journal reports. "It's a huge issue having Apple in the creative mix," a mobile director for Interpublic Group told the paper. Plus advertisers have no developer kit for the new platform, or any notification of when and where their spots run.

But, hey, since Jobs gets to censor political cartoons, celebrity satire, gay culture, literature, fashion spreads and anything he deems porny, why wouldn't he get to second-guess your taste and reject your ad for sucking? He needs some excuse to take 30 percent off the top, after all.