Kim defies her former BFF and sensei. Lindsay Lohan could get out of rehab this week. Lance Bass gets a drink tossed in his face. Lil' Wayne eats prison beef stick. Monday gossip faces consequences.

  • Kim Kardashian lashed out at Paris Hilton in a VIP room in Vegas this weekend. After Paris' impromptu performance of "Stars Are Blind" (the reggae single she released in 2006), Kim grabbed the microphone and shouted, "Now let's hear some real music." Burn. Especially since Paris helped launch Kim's career. (Before she was famous for pulling a Paris and releasing a sex tape, she was famous for being Paris' best friend.) Paris' coattails are a talent agency for professional party girls, all of whom have the same two names

(Nickys Hilton and Richie, Kims Kardashian and Stewart) and eventually resent her. In other news, check out the strange vintage photo I found of Paris, Kim, Verne Troyer, and the late Casey Johnson from 2006. [P6, images via Splash and Bauer-Griffin]

  • The "real music" that took over after Paris stopped singing may have included jams by electro-hop duo LMFAO (they once got in an airplane fight with Mitt Romney), half of which spent the night making out with Spencer Pratt's little sister. Stephanie Pratt hasn't spoken to her brother in a year. [P6, People]
  • Lindsay Lohan's early release from rehab could be as soon as this week. Apparently her doctors think her mental health issues are much milder than previously thought, so it's "very possible" that she'll check out in a matter of days, and stick to outpatient therapy. [TMZ]
  • Jesse James finally went on a date with Miami Ink's Kat Von D. It was inevitable. [People]
  • Poor, sad Levi Johnston got bounced from a Hollywood party. On one hand, it was Blackberry Torch's launch party, which was actually pretty fancy. On the other hand, they let Kristin Cavallari in. [P6, Jezebel]
  • Lance Bass tweeted that a female security guard threw a drink on him and said "get the fuck out" at a polo party in the Hamptons. According to "sources" (read: polo party damage control) a boozed-up Bass refused to leave the VIP tent an hour after last call, and "a drink spilled on bass... only after guards tried to 'guide' him out gently." [P6]
  • Lil' Wayne's prison snacks: Ramen, Doritos (nacho cheese and cooler ranch), Kool-Aid (cherry and fruit punch), and the ominously named "beef stick." [TMZ]
  • Sylvester Stallone is as terrifying a father as you'd think. His plan for dealing with his daughters' boyfriends: "I'm going to tell them to look for body bags. And where do they want the pieces sent?" The scary dad routine has always seemed counterproductive to me. Teenage boys will brave death to get laid, and not much else. If you threaten to kill your daughter's suitors, you'll scare away the timid, non-risk-taking nancies that you really want her to date, leaving only the ones who plan on porking her, giving her drugs, and driving fast with no seat belt. [P6]
  • The first grainy photos have emerged of Hilary Duff's wedding. Tall hair, ankle-length veil, altar is inside a giant wreath of flowers. [DailyMail]