Have you seen clips of Jodie Fisher, the woman whose sexual harassment claims against HP CEO Mark Hurd led to his resignation, acting in 90s softcore? If so, you're just like Hurd, who "looked at clips from racy films" online!

According to a Wall Street Journal article rehashing Hurd's exit that seems to consist entirely of quotes from people "familiar with [so and so's] thinking," the Hewlett Packard board's evidence that Hurd was carrying on an affair with Fisher was, essentially, that he had Googled her:

As the investigation evolved, said a person close to it, the board came to believe that the CEO had a personal relationship with Ms. Fisher, even if not sexual. For instance, the investigation found that Mr. Hurd had looked at clips from racy films featuring Ms. Fisher, a former actress, this person said. Someone familiar with Mr. Hurd's thinking said he just did a Google search of 10 minutes or so.

This basically means that anyone who read our post about Fisher's movie Body of Influence 2 or her Playboy spread is probably carrying on an affair with her! According to sources familiar with my thinking, this is pretty dumb. What is funny is pervy ol' Mark Hurd Googling the Cinemax classics that his office crush used to star in.


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[WSJ; Pic via AP]