Today we looked at the obscenity charges filed against Alvin Greene, the outta-nowhere South Carolina Democratic candidate for senate. This caused one commenter, a South Carolinian, to appraise their state in even-handed fashion.

From PersicaPit:

All day long, I've waited for this to hit Gawker so I could make some pithy, self-deprecating remark about the absurdity of my state's politics, but alas, I cannot. What else is there to say? Just this:

South Carolina is the asshole of the United States, shitting out fat, stinking talking turds of idiocy and perversion, all so the rest of the country can wrinkle their noses in disgust and disdain at the foul, stained, reeking toilet bowl that is my state's political theatre.

I swear to God, I'd move if I didn't love Charleston so much.