Well, this is what you get for visiting commie Europe: Michelle Obama's approval rating has tumbled — from 64 to 50 percent — following her horribly misreported Spanish vacation. No more fancy hotels for you, you... hotel snob!

The media's professional biddie class went all-out with the pretend populist rage during this trip, calling Michelle Obama, among other things, a "modern-day Marie Antoinette" who disrespects the strugglin' American folk by going on exotic vacations and staying at fancy hotels. How ignorant must a First Lady of the United States be to book lodging at a 5-star resort instead of the Days' Inn (Spanish version)? What was she thinking eating nice food, instead of chewing on old trash wrappers and rocks?

And sadly, the one claim that everyone was declaring as fact — that Michelle Obama took 40 of her closest girlfriends on Uncle Sam's Air Force One, just to go shopping, was incorrect: she just went with her daughter and a close friend who had recently lost her father. We don't know why the White House didn't mention this earlier, but hey, it's hard to anticipate every bout of viral faux-outrage that comes their way. In any event, she'll survive. No more Spain trips though, probably.

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