"Terror Baby" mania is sweeping the U.S.! This crazy meme is the far-right's latest line of attack against the evil 14th Amendment. Now, the argument's champion, Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert was on Anderson Cooper. They shouted a lot about it.

[There was a video here]

Have you guys been following this "Terror Babies" meme? It's the crazy cousin of the "Anchor Babies" thing that somehow has become the most important political story of the month. Basically, the idea is that terrorists are going to use the 14th Amendment to sneak into the U.S. and have a baby that's a U.S. citizen. Then, in 16 or 17 years, this "terror teenager" will be able to easily enter the U.S. and blow shit up.

Click to viewTonight on "AC360," Anderson Cooper did his best "keeping them honest" poker face while Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert ranted about Terror Babies. When Anderson Cooper told him a former FBI official said he'd never heard of any terror babies, Gohmert said:

I bet you on 9/10, he would have come on your show and said 'There was no credible report of a plan to take down the World Trade Center'.

This was the same Rep. Gohmert who said Obama setting up the BP escrow fund literally made him Hitler. Barack Obama invaded Poland soon after, so maybe we should be worried about Terror Babies!?