Today we looked at deadly desserts, particularly those made from this newfangled iced cream that the World's Fair is all atwitter about. This caused one commenter to go on a wonderful tirade, brought on by lack of sugar, no doubt.

From Spirit Fingers:

I can't eat ice cream at a Cold Stone Creamery. I just don't get it. Why the hell do I need gummy bears and Apple Jacks chopped into my ice cream? It's ludicrous. People who frequent shopping malls love this place. They're all in there, waiting in line to say, "I'll have the Cherry Do-Wop, Pillsbury Crescent Roll, Cinnamon, Cookie Crisp Delight, with extra Booberry chunks please." And I'm like, "You fucking sugar monsters. What the ever loving kidney failure are you doing here? Just raid a supermarket and poise your jiggle-butts under a Dominos sugar two ton feed bag. And die quietly."

Need ice cream = a nice delish chocolate will do.

Feeling fancy = See [Not] Huge Picture [Below]


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