Horrified by an image of a Google Street View image of child lying face-down in a gutter with her shoes cast off, residents of Worcester (England, not Massachusetts) contacted the authorities. Luckily, little Azura Beebeejaun is just playin, y'all.

The Daily Mail reports that concerned Worcesterians thought Google Street View's image of Middle Road depicted the corpse of child.

Gumshoe reporters tracked down the child in question—Azura Beebeejaun, age ten—and discovered that little Miss Beebeejaun was alive and well. The child claimed she did not know Google Street View was taking her picture the day she played dead in a gutter near her home. To comfort her worried fans, Miss Beebeejaun posed for a photograph in which she wears an outfit similar to the one she wore on the day she did not die.

Reached for comment, Mrs. Beebeejaun said she wished her daughter played dead more often:

I understand how some people might have thought the picture looked like a dead body—I just wish she was that quiet all the time.

Though Google occasionally removes images from Google Street View, Miss Beebeejaun's non-deceased image remains. [Daily Mail, GoogleMaps, SWNS]


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