They've put the boning back in the movie. Also today: Some exciting casting news for fans of Canadians and Brits, AMC adds another show to their roster, and some important news about indie movie kids who are cooler than you.

Ryan Reynolds, thick Canadian celery stalk, is now the "frontrunner" to costar with Denzel Washington in Safe House, a thriller written by an Us Weekly editor while he was home from work at night. (Seriously!) It's about a CIA agent (Reynolds) and a tough dude (Washington) who have to leave one CIA safe house, which is besieged by bad guys, and get to another CIA safe house. Do you see now why the movie is called Safe House? If it were an accurate title it would be called Safe Houses, because there are two. Or Two CIA Safe Houses. Hm. Two CIA Safe Houses: Both Alike In Dignity. Or We're Safe As Houses Here In These Safe Houses. Except they're not safe, in the safe houses. Or at least not in the first safe house. One Safe House and One Not-So-Safe House. That's the most accurate title, I think. "This summer... Ryan Reynolds... and Denzel Washington... in... Houses Of Various Levels of Safety." Exciting! [THR]

Trendy hip couple Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister-Jones have sold their pitch for a movie called Motherfucker to Fox Searchlight. Wein & Lister, whose wistful youthquake romance Breaking Upwards came out this spring, also have another script in development called Lola Versus, which will star Anne Hathaway. Motherfucker is about a guy who meets a girl, falls in love, then meets the girl's mom and falls in love with her. Yay. Wein will direct. Which, y'know, direct away! [Variety]

Little Billy Elliot continues to be all grown up. Jamie Bell has signed on to costar with Cillian Murphy and Thandie Newton ("Here are your costars, Cillian and Thandie, just two normal people with normal names") in The Retreat, about a couple vacationing on an island unaware that some sort of disease or biological agent has wiped out the rest of... everyone, basically. Except Jamie Bell I guess! Bell also has The Adventures of Tintin coming up, as well as a movie with Channing Tatum called The Eagle. Which, haha. "Did you see Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell in The Eagle? They were dressed in Roman gear." "Whaaaaat??? When were they there??? Girl, I was there with some old daddy on Tuesday night!!" "No, no, not the bar." "Oh. Oh, no I didn't." "Yeah." "Yeah. [long pause] So, how are your folks?" [Deadline]

Finally. Finally we will get to see the sweet, sweet alien foreplay we were so hard-up for while watching Avatar, only to leave feeling, well, in several ways, blue. The film's director, humble pauper James Cameron, has said that the scene involving hairdicks intertwining and "undulat[ing]" that was originally cut will be back in when the movie is rereleased in 3D movie houses later this month (yes, this is happening). He says it doesn't change the movie's rating or anything, it's just a little steamier. Well, yeah, I mean fine. We've already scene an extended scene in which the Marine guy hair rapes a space dragon, so... a little undulating and Zoe Saldana purring sounds pretty tame. Oh, Avatar. Why are you? [MTV]

Animate pepper shaker Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast in yet another action movie. The Watchmen and The Losers star will next appear in The Couriers, about a gang fighting their rival gang, the Zapf Dingbats. Aren't you excited to not see this movie? Aren't you also excited about's cutting edge font jokes? That's why you come here, isn't it. For the font jokes. And for the stock photo hunks. You guys love those hunks. "Hey, do you know any good websites for stock photos of hunks and font jokes?" "Sure do, But if that's not loading because it's too busy, try" "Great. [long pause] So, how are your folks?" [Deadline]*

AMC is steaming ahead with yet another new series. They've picked up a show called The Killing, starring the luminous Mirielle Enos, the chiaroscuro Michelle Forbes, and the steely Billy Campbell. Neat cast! Too bad it's written and produced by the fool that created Cold Case. That show weren't good, were it. Anyway, this one is based on a Swedish television series (because though we Americans invented TV, we've forgotten how to do it) and is about a murdered kid. So AMC has its first comedy! [NYT]

Kirk Douglas is confused. [THR]

*This entire paragraph stands as testament to how much nothing there is to say about Jeffrey Dean Morgan.