The fourth episode of Confessions: Animal Hoarding continued profiling and attempting to help people who hoard animals, and the effects it has on not only their life, but those around them. This episode featured Lauren and Jack.

Lauren is a 20 year old woman who "rescue hoards" dogs and cats, and currently has over 50 dogs and cats. She accepts animals from other rescue groups, and attempts to care for them with the help of her friend Thea. She is married to a Marine who is currently deployed over in Afghanistan. He has no clue of what condition their home is in and knows nothing of all the animals that are living there. Lauren attempts to care for and treat the animals on her own, but even with the help of Thea, she is ill-equipped to handle the needs of many of the animals. In addition to spreading a sometimes fatal disease to Thea's pets because of an improper quarantine, she loses a puppy during a birth due to complications. Realizing she is in over her head, she reaches out to her sister for help, before her husband returns home in 2 months to a ruined home.

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Jack is a 48 year old man who lives in a cabin with his only companions being over 45 dogs, many of which are not neutered or spayed & continue to breed. Many of the dogs live outdoors and are feral, which means that they are not socialized to people, and behave like their wild wolf cousins. They often fight amongst themselves, to the point of injury. He has no job and can only pay the $650 a month is costs to feed the dogs through the charity of his friends and family. But it is not just his finances that are affected by the dogs; his health is suffering as well. Upon returning home from a rare shopping trip, he discovers the CPAP machine he requires to help him breathe at night has been broken by the dogs. Between his failing health, dwindling finances, and growing dog population, he is at a point where he needs to make a crucial decision.

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