Today at Gawker.TV, Bill Cosby accuses Meredith Vieira of pooping her pants, Maggie Gyllenhaal's fetishes, real-life superheroes, Joe Jonas on Hot in Cleveland, and the girl who faked out the internet with her "dry-erase board quitting" gives her first interview.

Maggie Gyllenhaal Discusses Fireman Fetish, British Sex Slang
Maggie Gyllenhaal stopped by The Late Late Show to promote her new children's movie, Nanny McPhee Returns, instead she and Craig went on tangents discussing raunchy things like her admiration for firefighters and her embarrassing misuse of sexy British slang.

Joe Jonas on Hot in Cleveland: Goatees and Gadgets and Giggles, Oh My!
Tonight, the versatile—uh, I mean, middle—Jonas Brother, Joe, guest starred on Hot in Cleveland in an episode filled with family drama, cliched teen gadgets, texting, Justin Bieber, and "Look, I'm a man now!" facial hair. Inside, video highlights.

Nerdy Real Life Superheroes to Keep City Safe from Bullies, Jocks
They walk among us—average citizens who don capes and masks at night to battle evil-doers. They call themselves Real Life Superheroes, and they are, of course, deeply nerdy.

Bill Cosby Knows Meredith Vieira Has a Load In Her Pants
Old people make the world go 'round. In this clip from this morning's Today Show, the seemingly senile Bill Cosby tells Meredith Vieira that she's got a "load in her pants." How did Meredith retaliate? With a bitch slap.

Dry-Erase Board Quitter Gives First Rambling Interview About Being a Fraud
This week everyone's spirits were crushed when we found out that the girl who had quit via embarrassing dry-erase board messages was a hoax. Here she talks about how holding up rectangles and making zany faces might give her a career.