Advertisers and TV producers are sharpening their claws in anticipation of a new cash machine: Will sassy steward Steven Slater do endorsements? Which ones? A TV show? Great minds weigh in on how to exploit our new hero for profit.

Obviously, he's shoo-in for reality television if he wants to go the Celebrity Apprentice route—or Celebrity Rehab, if it turns out his beer-carrying exit from JetBlue flight 1052 actually marked a fall off the wagon. Or he could just sell beer, Reuters suggests in an article about Slater's earning potential:

Beer companies were a popular suggestion for a natural ad home for Slater given that he had a cold one before his exit from the plane.

Or anything that has to do with frustration, rage, the service industry, or travel:

"He could show how painful it is to be in the wait line for a cell phone carrier or sit at a service center that frustrates us," [travel industry ad honcho Michael] Priem said.

"Steve Slater is the modern-day equivalent of Charles Bronson in 'Death Wish' — except, of course, there's no artillery, bloodshed or permanent damage in this particular example of brand vigilantism," [marketing consultant Joseph Jaffe] said. "I'd recommend JetBlue gets behind him. They have the kind of brand personality and authentic self-assuredness to use this as a perfect opportunity to demonstrate purpose and conviction. And if not, then I'd recommend one of their competitors snapped him up."

Said Jim Joseph, president of Lipper Taylor: "I think he will end up being a spokesperson of some sort. He's quickly becoming the mascot for the disgruntled employee."

My suggestion: Ads for waterparks, sliding down spiral chutes in an inflatable raft. Tagline: "Sometimes you just need a break, motherfuckers." [Reuters via Daily Transom]