During the summer, ice cream is a frozen indulgence that many people allow themselves without worrying about just how unhealthy it is. Here are the most fat-laden ice cream treats. The worst has more calories than three Big Macs. Fatty.

Yes, the worst on the Daily Beast's list of 40 gut-busting desserts is a "Fudge Brownie 31° Below" from Baskin Robbins, which has a whopping 1,900 calories—which is about as many calories an adult should eat during a day—and 39 grams of fat. But it also has brownie bits in the ice cream! If you gotta have a heart attack, why not have one while eating one of these?

Other top offenders include the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae from Applebee's (eww, who eats there anyway?), the Caramel Fudge Brownie Sundae from Friendly's (sadly, they don't have a Manhattan location), the Toffee White Chocolate Crunch Vanilla Bean Large Shiver from TCBY (those still exist?), and the Snickers Sonic Blast from Sonic (a New Jersey thing). All of these things don't just involve ice cream; they're combined with cookies, cookie dough, brownies, cones, sauces, nuts, and other fatty deliciousness. In America it's not enough to just have a scoop of vanilla on a sugar cone, we have to get all baroque about it. Welcome to the land of plenty!

Most of the worst concoctions are from Friendly's, Baskin Robbins, TCBY, Carvel (don't tell Dina Lohan!), Chevy's, and other chains I'll never frequent. But then I got down to No. 22 on the list: Cookie Batter Ice Cream from Cold Stone Creamery. That thing has 900 calories and 26 grams of saturated fat. And there's one by my apartment! I can feel my gut expanding just thinking about it.

So what did we learn about ridiculously ornate ice cream sundaes today? Don't eat them if you want to stay thin and not die at like 34 from diabetes. Or just don't eat all day and then have one for dinner. Same difference.

[Image via Benicee/Shutterstock]