First it was Yellowstone. Then it was Glacier National Park. Now, the incestuous "Bonnie and Clyde" fugitive couple from Arizona are thought to be near the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas. Are they on some sort of National Parks tour?

After helping her cousin/finacee and two other inmates escape from a medium security prison in Arizona on July 30, Casslyn Welch hit the road with the group of armed convicts and is thought to have been spotted several times in public. The group allegedly killed and burned the bodies of two elderly tourists in New Mexico, then passed through Yellowstone National Park. The two other men have since been caught, but Welch, and her lover/relative John McCluskey have since been to Glacier National Park in Montana and now might be in the Ozark National Forest.

Yesterday, federal agents swarmed on the small town of Gentry, Arkansas after the Kut & Kurl beauty salon was robbed at gunpoint by a man and a woman. At some point, according to the AP, one of the pair had family in the area (wouldn't that technically be both of them?) but they no longer live there. Authorities now believe the duo were not the ones who robbed Kut & Kurl, but are continuing to search the area, which is close to the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

So McCluskey and Welch have possibly been to three National Parks, and maybe more, during their two week cross country adventure. Besides being members of the Aryan Nation, they've obviously got a thing for unparalleled natural beauty. And it's not such a bad idea! If you're going to run from Johnny Law, you might as well make the most of it and see some of America's protected land. Or, these could be false leads and the pair could be in Canada, which is fine.

[Image via AP]