Vogue editrix Anna Wintour wrangled Mayor Bloomberg and all the city's fashion luminaries to her press conference today for her faux charity, Fashion's Night Out. It's going to be bigger than ever, and you're invited to the fashion show!

Like last year, the city's retailers will be open late on September 10, and plenty of stars, parties, and special events (but no sales, sorry) will be involved. This year, though, 1,000 stores will participate instead of the 700 from last year. Details about the actual parties were scant at the press conference today, but we did learn there will be a fashion show in Lincoln Center, the new home of Fashion Week, on September 7th. Tickets are priced as low as $25, open to the general public, and go on sale next week. The proceeds will go to an actual AIDS charity, instead of into the multi-billion dollar fashion conglomerates that pocket the rest of the cash from the series of business-boosting events. And for those who can't score a stub, you can watch the show on CBS live! CBS will also air a documentary about the behind-the-scenes drama at FNO on September 14th, which sounds like a Lifetime movie version of The September Issue. Pretty soon this thing is going to be so big that it will be declared a national holiday and we'll all have the day off to rub elbows with Olsen twins and max out our credit cards on couture we can hardly afford.

At the press conference, Mayor Bloomberg couldn't pronounce designer Prabul Gurung's name, but he did make this cute assessment of the city's fashion industry, "If they say boot cut pants are back in style, then boot cut pants are back in style, if they say capes are in vogue, then capes are in vogue, if they say a simple navy suit is the epitome of sophistication, we don't argue with that." He left out the line about, "When Anna says, 'Jump,' we all say, 'Whatever you want, Anna. Please don't hurt us!'"

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