Not only does no network want to buy the proposed reality show wherein Levi Johnston runs for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, now they're getting mean about it behind his back. Let's look at the nasty things Hollywood types are saying.

The Hollywood Reporter called up a bunch of TV execs who are in charge of reality programming and asked if they would buy a show featuring America's favorite babydaddy and the scourge of the Palin family. All of them said no. But not just that, under the veil of anonymity, they all had some incredibly bitchy things to say.

I'm just incredibly uninterested. We've seen him naked. We've heard him bash the Palins. What more is there that we need to know? He's a cute kid but not the most interesting person to watch.

I don't think he's a reality TV star. He just doesn't pop; he's not an interesting character. He doesn't have a lot to say, no matter what his name is.

When Johnston was aggressively shopping a series about raising his child with Bristol [Palin], there may have been something there—dramatic and relatable authenticity. But in this case, I'd probably give him my vote for mayor before I'd give him his own show.

It's such a made-for-TV fake situation. It needs to be something he is really doing.

We saved the worst one for last:

[Levi is] Jon Gosselin with abs.

OK, that's going a little too far. We all saw that Levi doesn't really have abs.

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