Emma Lasry is the 18 year-old daughter of hedge fund billionaire and Bill Clinton pal Marc Lasry. But that is not all: she is also a closet bitch. Self-described! Click play on Emma Lasry's debut pop tune video at once!

Boys wanna take her out to eat. But little do they know: she's a closet bitch. Is this completely accurate, Emma? We feel as if the word is "getting around."

In addition to her closet bitchiness, Emma has a right hook—if you want to mess. The video also indicates she may don a leather garment and attack even her closest friends with pillows, at any moment.

Emma has been pursuing her music dream for some time now, but it looks as if she's finally getting her "big break." Emma, I think we will be good friends from now on.


Pics of Emma Lasry's ad campaign

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