An upstate New York cat named Navarro was rescued Sunday night from the trunk of a car at a traffic stop, where he was marinating in oil and spices and on his way to becoming his owner's next meal.

Police in Buffalo arrested 51-year-old Gary L. Korkuc after they pulled him over for blowing through a stop sign, and found four-year-old Navarro marinating in his trunk in a mixture of oil, crushed red peppers, chili pepper and salt. Spicy! So why would Korkuc want to eat his cat? According to a memo from the staff at the local SPCA, obtained by the Buffalo News, Korkuc said he no longer wanted Navarro because the cat was "possessive, greedy and wasteful." He told police that Navarro was mean to him. The memo added, "Do not under any circumstances adopt to this man ever again." Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Navarro has already been adopted by a family, and his new name is Oliver.

The local news broadcast is worth watching just for one of Korkuc's neighbors' reaction, at about 1:27.