A mysterious woman brought two car loads of chihuahuas to a local shelter, abandoning a total of 43 chihuahuas in 24 hours. Did a Canadian pet shelter just save 43 puppies from the Cruella De Vil of chihuahuas?

Probably not, because chihuahuas are pretty small—you'd need at least 100 to make a coat. In fact, the general manager of Victoria, British Columbia's SPCA—a lady named Penny Stone—described the chihuahua hoarder as "a very nice lady who was in way over her head" breeding and adopting the pint-sized pooches. The result: A "tsunami of chihuahuas." Local newspaper the Times-Colonist reports,

Stone said she received a call Wednesday afternoon from a woman who wanted to give away 10 chihuahuas.

"When she came in, she kept taking more out of her car saying, ‘Can you take more? Can you take more? Can you take more?' " said Stone. "Finally, we went out to her car. She had a Mustang convertible full of chihuahuas."

The woman dropped off 33 chihuahuas on Wednesday and nine more on Thursday morning. One of the chihuahuas gave birth to a puppy on Thursday, bringing the total to 43. All but six of the dogs are under the age of two.

Half of the dogs needed medical attention ("One of them had to have its eye removed on Thursday, one had an infection in its uterus, and several needed dental work") but there is a happy ending: Ten of the chihuahuas have already been adopted. If nobody wants the remaining 33, maybe someone could sponsor a second Great Manhattan Chihuahua Stampede?

[Times-Colonist via Neatorama, image via Shutterstock]