Today the New York Daily News tries to blame Lindsay Lohan, Tiger Woods, Naomi Campbell and Levi Johnston's recent mishaps on the summer heat. "Sizzling summer meltdowns," the headline screams. Unfortunately, the two are completely unrelated.

Sure, people get more violent during the summer, but that's just normal everyday people. Celebrities, reality stars, and the others on the Daily News list are crazy all year round! Take Naomi Campbell for instance. She's been battering the help—and been a monster—for years, so the lies she's been telling at ex-Liberian president Charles Taylor's war crimes trial in the Hague have nothing to do with heat, humidity, or atmospheric pressure. This is just another unfortunate Naomi-related incident that would have happened in rain or sleet or dark of night.

It's August, and with most political bodies in recess and most of the country on vacation, we give the trivial a bit more significance to amuse ourselves. This may be the hottest summer on record, but that doesn't mean our scandals are juicier or stupider than usual. We understand the impulse to round up all these tales of tabloid woe and link them to the weather, but it's a premise that just won't hold. The only thing we can blame this spate of silly stories on is your average, everyday bad behavior.

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