We all dream about quitting our jobs in some spectacular fashion, but flight attendant Steven Slater actually did it! He's not the first one to go out on a high note. Tell us your great tales (or fantasies) of quitting!

Slater cussed out a passenger who did him wrong, grabbed his bags (and a beer), deployed the emergency slide from the plane, and headed for home. If that's not taking his job and shoving it, nothing is. (Of course, Slater was later arrested for "reckless endangerment," but we have a feeling it might have been worth it.)

We see people come up with creative and dramatic ways to walk off their jobs all the time in movies. There's Jennifer Aniston's hilarious quitting scene in Office Space, Kevin Spacey's swindle to escape his job in American Beauty, and Ed Norton going out with a bang in Fight Club. As Steven Slater demonstrated yesterday, these sorts of spectacular flameouts can happen in real life too. I had a friend once quit her job at a convenience store by stealing a fat stack of scratch lottery tickets. She stayed up all night scratching away and won about $1000 in "severance money." (Illegal, yes but pretty badass.)

What have you done to go out in style? Has anyone at your company sent out an expletive-laden email to everyone just before walking out the door? Maybe someone you know destroyed his cubicle on his last day in the office? Or perhaps you've just been clinging to one of those vengeful fantasies about the stunt you'd pull on the way out the door if you could.

Share your stories in the comments. The most fantastic one will win the author a Dilbert mug and we will post your resume on the site, assuming you're still unemployed and you want our help landing something new. Those who earn an honorable mention will get a star (if they don't have one already). So get writing. If you quit in as dramatic a fashion as Steven Slater, chances are you're still looking for a new gig, so you should have nothing but time.

[Image via Michael Kowalski/Shutterstock]