Levi Johnston, the ex-fiancé of former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol, will run for office in Wasilla, the town where Palin served as mayor. Which office? Um, he hasn't filed yet. And the deadline was July 30.

Johnston, like any self-respecting 20-something these days, has his own reality show. What will it be about? According to Variety, his run for Mayor of Wasilla:

"Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor's Office" will center on Johnston's newfound fame as the baby daddy to Palin's grandson, Tripp.

Johnston will trade on that notoriety to make his run for Wasilla City Hall — when he's not pursuing a career in Hollywood, of course.

Sounds like a must-watch! Or must-avoid, depending on whether or not irony is "cool" that month. Variety points out that Johnston's got a shot, given that only around 700 people in Wasilla vote, and, well, they elected Sarah Palin, didn't they? And, according to Johnston's manager Tank Jones, if elected, Levi would, like his arch-nemesis and possible-future-mother-in-law, run for Governor of Alaska. And then: The moon! Or a vice-presidential candidacy. Or more reality shows! Or all three!

But, ugh, "reality" is getting in the way: There are no mayoral elections in Wasilla until 2011. Even so, Levi could still run for city council, which holds its elections in October of this year. Or, uh, he could have, if he had filed by the July 30 deadline, which he doesn't seem to have done. But what are "reality" and "filing deadlines" and "seriousness" to a man like Levi Johnston? As Tank Jones said—no, really, he said this—"people questioned Jesus Christ, so I definitely don't care about these mere mortals questioning Levi Johnston."

A decade from now, when Levi Johnston is Vice President of the United States, and the president is that dog who mows the lawn in that one viral video, we will look back on this moment as the turning point.

[Variety; pic via AP]