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There's seems to be a nerdy arms race under way over who can propose to their fiancée the most ridiculously networked fashion. Digg's Matt Van Horn, who just live-streamed video of his proposal, is the winner. For now.

Van Horn emailed his sweetie's friends and relatives a Web address on streaming service qik so they could watch his proposal on a San Francisco hill, where he'd arranged to have his girlfriend hiking with a friend. News of the imminent proposal was also spread at the last possible second via Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook, according to Mashable, which has full video of the proceedings (excerpted in the clip above).

It's the most impressive salvo so far in an escalating war of hypernetworked wedding proposals, one befitting the business development director of a social news service. Prior examples:

The same day that successful proposal went down, Saturday, a man in New Orleans proposed via check-in service Foursquare.

There have also been at least three wedding proposals on Twitter going back at least to 2008; the most recent included a picture of the proposed engagement ring.

And last year two higher-ups at Mashable got engaged on stage at a social media conference, leading to a deluge of 165 tweets about the event.

Someone get engaged to a stranger on Chatroulette, already.