AOL's money website WalletPop composed a list of the worst American cities to live in based on the climate, unemployment and foreclosure figures, crime stats, etc. Naturally, Detroit and LA both made the cut. But there were some surprises, too.

One thing you probably wouldn't have expected: The No. 1 city on the list is El Centro, California. Where? It's a city just across the Mexican border with a 27.5 percent unemployment rate, which is the highest in the country. So, yea, that sounds pretty crappy.

The other cities we could probably have rattled off just by thinking of the places that novelists and screenwriters use when they need a locale that sounds depressing. That includes the likes of Cleveland, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, and Memphis, which round out the list. As for New York City, it doesn't appear on the top 10. Congrats: It's no longer the go-to symbol for urban decay!

[Image of a house in Detroit via Getty]