Manhunt, the top gay hookup site, is about to undergo a Facebook-style privacy rollback. But while there are plenty of other places to cruise for sex online, be careful: the gay dating site you use says a lot about you.

Not every gay dude has a Manhunt account, of course, but a lot of them sure do! And up until now users had no way of knowing who else was using the site without signing up, thus making them beholden to the gentleman's agreement to not talk about the contents of the site with anyone but their closest friends. As part of a bunch of new changes to the site, though, anyone will be able to search the profiles on the site from now on, thereby exposing the public to subscribers' dirty laundry (and all those pictures of men bent over spreading their cheeks). Members can opt out of being part of a public search, but how many years-old accounts with forgotten passwords will be exposed? Manhunt is the gay world's great open secret, and that is about to change.

What's the solution? In light of the privacy issues with Manhunt, it's probably worth taking the time to take a look at some of the other popular virtual gloryholes out there. Even if you think you know about these sites, they're always changing, so it's better to reevaluate than be left looking like an out-of-touch Mary who still cruises AOL M4M chatrooms for nookie. You have to be a member to get into these sites, so they're a little bit safer in terms of privacy. But every one has its own distinct personality and demographic.

Grindr: An iPhone app that ranks guys according how close they are to you and lets you message back and forth to coordinate a hookup.
Who You'll Find: Young, tech-savvy guys and men who are such horndogs that they need to carry a bathhouse in their pocket.
Best Thing: It's super convenient because the guys on it are looking and are close to you. Great for just before last call at a gay bar, when traveling, or visiting the White House press room.
Most Annoying Thing: Searching is difficult and if you log in at home, you always see the same guys. Also, you can only have one picture and it can't be too dirty thanks to Steve Jobs aversion to porn.
Chances You'll Get Laid: Good.
Guys Who Use Grindr Have...: An iPhone.

Adam 4 Adam: You have to be a member to log in, but there's no fee for the service, unlike Manhunt and others.
Who You'll Find: Creative types with jobs that don't make a lot of money, and those with money who think they're too good to pay for sex.
Best Thing: Free, obviously.
Most Annoying Thing: Even though the guys are often hot, the ads the layout, and site navigation are all ugly.
Chances You'll Get Laid: Very good. Because sex, unlike cable TV, is free! If you can't afford the latter, you're probably having more of the former.
Guys Who Use Adam 4 Adam Have...: Shaved balls.

Daddyhunt: It's like Manhunt but for mature guys and the men who love them.
Who You'll Find: Old guys (sorry, "silver foxes") and young bottoms looking to either get roughed up or snag a meal ticket.
Best Thing: Who doesn't love a hot daddy? Also, if you're under 40, a lot of the guys will be rabid for you.
Most Annoying Thing: The daddies on the site aren't nearly as sexy as the daddies in porn.
Chances You'll Get Laid: Pretty good, but it might take awhile.
Guys Who Use Daddyhunt Have...: Cialis.

Rentboy: Known as the preferred website for right wing activists looking for male companions, this isn't really a hookup site. Well, unless you're willing to pay, it isn't.
Who You'll Find: Hookers.
Best Thing: You get what you want, when you want it, with whom you want it. Also, browsing is free and open to the public.
Most Annoying Thing: The site itself isn't as pretty as many of the boys who have profiles on it. Also, there's that dirty feeling you get about five minutes after your "companion" leaves. Not cute.
Chances You'll Get Laid: Abso-fucking-lutely.
Guys Who Use Rentboy Have...: Money.

Find Fred: Essentially this is the same as Manhunt, except it has some extra features that will hook you up with other guys based on compatibility (both physically and socially), so you can get more than just a quickie.
Who You'll Find: Early adopters, desperate 30-somethings, and those guys who pretend to want a BF but really want a BJ.
Best Thing: It would be nice to find someone to get old with, wouldn't it? Also it's free (for now), and you can attach photos to messages you send other members without having to give out your email address, which is key for those who want really heightened privacy.
Most Annoying Thing: It's still new, so there aren't a lot of choices. Also, why is this site so complicated? There are so many tabs drunk people can't operate it, which means your chances of getting laid just went down.
Chances You'll Get Laid: Not without a date. Sigh.
Guys Who Use Find Fred Have...: Blue balls.

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