Forget Judge Walker and the Supreme Court or whatever. The final moral and imaginarily legal verdict on gay sex fiend weddings and Proposition 8 will be issued by an episode of the upcoming mistake, Law & Order: Los Angeles.

So says a producer of the show:

One of the episodes that we're doing is [about] the money behind the Prop. 8 people and the hypocrisy of black churches supporting a Proposition like that, and also looking at the whole "initiative industry" and how these lobbyists make a lot of money.

Aha! Yes, that's the right headline in terms of church donations to be ripping from. The black church thing. Nothing about that Beehive State over there and some stuff they did. But whatever, it's good to know that even though the original Law & Order is dead, we'll still have some super important headline-ripping (see the rip in the show's logo??) commentary about issues of the day as filtered through the gentle button-nudging lens of Dick Wolf's soup of moral quandaries. Plus: Skeet Ulirch!

Also, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is going to have a gay marriage/Prop 8 episode, which shouldn't be good at all and I am totally not excited for that, in now way.

[After Elton]