Meet Stephanie Dolgoff! She wrote a book, about something, involving some kind of irritating made-up cultural category, and she was on the front page of Sunday's New York Times Style section, and I don't have the energy for this again.

Look at that! The Times released another fish into the barrel they call the Style section. This one is about older women who are dealing with growing old by doing something or other, and the woman who wrote a book about this never-before-covered subject using some kind of quirky hook and probably a newly-coined word or whatever. And, hey, look at that, she is a former magazine writer with extensive connections in the publishing industry, and she appears to have started some kind of website based on an inside joke with a magazine friend, and Christ, they're not even trying to make this hard anymore, are they.

What's her advice for older women? "Don't wear animal prints." Um, and some other stuff. Don't wear leather skirts if you're in your 40s, is the advice for these women, who now have a new name for their generation, or whatever it is. Oh, but there's a lesson, apparently, a life lesson, or several, about growing old, and being fashionable, and the lesson is that "growing old is a mixed bag," and some good things happen and some bad things happen, and it's a double-edged sword, and how can you even make fun of that, when it's just sitting there making fun of itself.

In conclusion, this article exists, and the The New York Times Style section has got to be kidding me because it's not even fun anymore, when they are trolling everyone so blatantly.