Last week, Hewlett Packard CEO Mark Hurd resigned after a sexual harassment investigation, earning himself a $28 million severance package. The woman involved has come forward, and it's... a skin-flick actress! (And saleswoman.) Want to see her sexy movies?

This is Jodie Fisher, age 50, of Dallas. According to the San Jose Mercury News, she was a saleswoman who worked for "a Fortune 500 company" and at a Dallas real estate firm. Hewlett Packard employed her as a contract worker, where she was assigned to "high-level customer and executive summits," which, you know, get your mind out of the gutter.

Allegedly, Fisher and Hurd were carrying on an affair, and Hurd was falsifying expense reports to cover it up. She says she never had sex with Hurd, and that she's "saddened" by his departure, but a source told the Mercury News that she said in a sexual harassment complaint that she did feel "pressured" to have sex. Soon afterward, the company forced Hurd out—allowing him to keep his $28 million severance package.

Fisher also has a history as an actress, as it happens. And not just any actress! According to her IMDB page, she's starred in several films that, judging by their titles, are "sexy" in nature. Such as: Sheer Passion, in which she played "Dana"; Body of Influence 2, where she starred as "Leza Watkins"; and an episode of sex-crime classic Silk Stalkings, as "Marcie Ridlin." The IMDB "plot keywords" attached to her profile are "Independent Film," "Erotica" "Cult Favorite" "Female Nudity," (the same keywords I use when I'm looking for movies to watch on Thursday nights!). High-profile celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, whom Fisher has, of course, retained as her attorney, describes some of the movies—most of which were filmed in the 1990s—as "R-rated."

Body of Influence 2, for its part, is unrated. Here's the trailer, in which Fisher features prominently:

[There was a video here]

Here's her demo reel, including footage from the reality show she starred in, Age of Love:

Anyway. Fisher's history as an "R-rated" actress is funny because we're all prurient and, you know, "erotica," "female nudity," but it doesn't really have much to do with the Hewlett Packard situation, which is about Mark Hurd's bad behavior—not Fisher's. Even so, if anyone has a VHS of Body of Influence 2, feel free to FedEx it over! For research.

[San Jose Mercury News; pic via Getty]