Dan Schruender is running for school board in the town of Rialto, California. Schruender is a proud member of the Aryan Nations. He might win, because no one's running against him. Don't let this happen!

Schruender's a retired teacher and a spokesman for the Aryan Nations. In this capacity he walks around Rialto (Population: 93,284) and hand out fliers that explain how the white race is not "going to go out with a whimper."

Schruender launched his campaign with high hopes. He wrote on his blog last Tuesday: "The deadline is this Friday. If no one else files, then I'm in!" But the media picked up the story, and yesterday Schruener lamented that "The Jew Media is really doing a hatchet job on me since they found out I'm running for school board and in the Aryan Nations."

He added: "They got a hold of a photo of me in front of a Swastika, and they're really going to town on me." Stupid sensationalist media, always focusing on somebody's membership in white supremacist groups and pictures of them in front of swastikas instead of their important views on standardized testing. It's unclear if anyone has stepped up to run against Schruender. The school district Schrunder would represent if he won is 75% Latino and 15% black, according to the Contra Costa Times. So, maybe someone should get on that. [LA Weekly]