Here's a scenario: You're wanted on two active assault warrants, and you've got 19 bags of weed in your pocket that you're looking to sell. Want some advice? Don't show up to a courthouse with either of these.

But that's exactly what 26-year-old Ricky Hefflin did this week, when he went to the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia. Hefflin was passing through a metal detector when police noticed a bulge in his back pocket. They asked him to empty his pockets, but Hefflin said "I don't have anything." He finally relented and emptied 19 bags of weed on a table. Hefflin was arrested and booked on his previous warrants, plus possession of drugs and intent to distribute. Come on, Ricky... everyone knows you don't split that shit up until you absolutely have to.

[Tip via commenter BullFightsOnAcid]