Today, the Drudge Report offers more proof that America hates Obama: Video of Boy Scouts booing a message from our leader at a convention. But were they actually booing because they love Obama so much? YouTube detectives: On the case!

So, here is the video of the Boy Scouts at their annual Jamboree in Virginia:

A Conservative blogger says "it doesn't appear that Obama's pre-recorded message was warmly received that day."

But, you will see that an urgent message has been appended: "JUST FYI TO ALL YOU IDIOTS OUT THERE WE WERE BOOING HIM CAUSE HE DIDN'T SHOW UP, THAT'S ALL!!!!!" And the caption to video reads:

every president since bill clinton has made a speech at the national jamboree. Obama decided to skip this one at Fort AP Hill Virginia, for The View. All we got was a lousy recorded message

Never mind the fact that "every president since Bill Clinton" would be George W. Bush. It's clear that the Boy Scouts are in fact booing out of a perverted love for Obama—they're mad that he spurned them! Why can't we leave the Boyscouts out of our petty political squabbles?