It seems like so long ago Jessi Slaughter was the 11-year-old girl brought to tears by Internet bullies. Now she has announced that she's launching a clothing line in a new video. OK, it's time to say goodbye Jessi!

Slaughter's latest opus "I'm Back Bitches" has already been picked up by Buzzfeed and has a few thousand views.'s /b/ message board—the driving force behind Slaughter's Internet harassment—has exploded over the new video taunt. Some want to take up another campaign against Jessi Slaughter (not her real name), this time emailing her grade school and targeting her father.

Others realize they may have finally met their match. Writes one user:

god damn dont you idiots realize that the ultimate troll to Jessi would be to ignore her! She wants attention whether its good or bad, its just people saying stuff to her more people knowing her. If we ignore her shell go cry cause no one cares about her… Why not that be the ultimate troll on her, just dont give a fuck.

Strangely, we agree with this random anonymous 4chan user. It's clear that Jessi Slaughter should not be making videos on the Internet. But it's also clear that her parents don't have the ability/motivation/wherewithal to stop her. Much like Lady Gaga, Jessi Slaughter will be around until exactly the point at which we start ignoring her.

So, barring any huge developments we will be ignoring Jessi Slaughter from now on. It was fun while it lasted!