On Wednesday, Rudy Giuliani's daughter was arrested in a ponytail and oversized t-shirt. On Thursday, photos of her emerging from the police custody with a paparazzi-ready makeover hit the papers. Today she removed her Facebook profile and went silent.

The latest on Rudy Giuliani's misbehaving Harvard daughter:

  • Here's the loot she's accused of stealing from an Upper East Side Sephora: "$40 Dior Skinflash primer sheer, a $22 Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream, a $10 Sephora brand Refillable Rollerball and three $3.50 snag-free elastics." At the time of her arrest, Caroline had $320 in her wallet.

  • Sephora doesn't want to press charges, which means Caroline's apt to get off with a mere "Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal," the same thing Kobayashi got for crashing that hot dog eating contest. ACD is long hand for "nothing happens."

  • A lady who spent the night with Caroline in jail said this: "She introduced herself as Caroline. She didn't make any issue about being Giuliani's daughter. I didn't find out until I heard the police call out her name. We were in the same place. She was no better than me."

  • Mayor Bloomberg expressed sympathy for his predecessor's family: "You always worry about your kids, and when your kids get in trouble, you do what's natural. You try to protect them and I think this is a private matter the Giulianis have to work through."

  • Mayor Giuliani, for his part, had nothing to say at all:

  • The New York Daily News' Joanna Molloy goes the obvious psychoanalytic route: "If you wanted to hurt the father who's barely spoken to you or your brother since he publicly dumped your mom for another woman a decade ago, breaking the law was the most embarrassing way to do it."

  • Caroline's brother Andrew (whose own transgressions got him kicked off Duke University's golf team) said Caroline's arrest was all a big misunderstanding. "She's a great person. I love her very much. She's my sister, and she's my blood."

  • Caroline's Facebook profile—which stayed up and was publicly searchable through her entire Obama endorsement scandal—has finally been removed. (Or made inaccessible to the public, or hidden under some other name.)

[Photo via AP]