Kabbalah leader Philip Berg had a birthday party in Tel Aviv, and someone put video of it on YouTube. Watch "the Rav" and his followers get jiggy to a Madonna song about blowjobs and other Kabbalah-approved tunes.

This nearly 10-minute video from YouTube user JoeyQtube depicts highlights from the 82nd birthday party of "the Moses of our generations" who "has revolutionized spirituality with his wife Karen & sons Michael & Yehuda." The opening scene shows Karen and the Rav entering the Tel Aviv Kabbalah Center to a clapping, cheering crowd. The scene changes (0:30) and we see the Rav sipping white wine, nodding his head while Madonna's "Like a Prayer" blares across the sound system.

[There was a video here]

The music that gets the Rav and his rotund sons on their feet is a series of sing-a-longs that appear to be some kind of Kabbalah hoedown featuring a saxophone and clapping. (5:25) At one point, a man rips his yarmulke from his head and waves it in the air. As the Rav links arms and sways in song, his son Michael Berg begins to weep (5:50). In the background, an Orthodox man with wireless eyeglasses riffs on an electric guitar (7:20)

ShowBiz411 notes the conspicuous absence of Moshe "Muki" Oppenheimer, Kabbalah's celebrity corraler and Karen Berg's rumored lover. Happy birthday, Rav! [YouTube via ShowBiz411]