Here's a trailer for the upcoming Jackass 3D, the new James Ivory picture starring Maggie Smith and Jim Broadbent. Hm? Wait, no, sorry. It's the threequel (ugh) in the Johnny Knoxville series about man-boys hurting themselves. And it's in 3D!

Well, the trailer isn't in 3D, but the movie will be. So when Bam or Steve-O or Wee Man or whoever get hit in the nuts or come flying off a ramp on a motorized tricycle or whatever the fuck these explorers of physics and physiology are up to in the picture, well it'll be like it's happening to you. Which ought to be fun. These guys are all ten years older than they were when this curious project started, so it looks like they've brought in some new, young, lithe and limber blood to take some of the harder hits, but don't worry. It'll still be mostly the same. Except, you know, EXTREME IN YOUR FACE 3D.

Anyway, I don't know. This movie isn't meant for me and I'm not meant for this movie. But we can agree to let each other coexist peacefully. Have fun and be safe, everyone.