Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is the most famous breast cancer charity in the world. They've helped so many people. Everyone except other charities. Susan Komen will cut a bitch for wearing the wrong colors.

Susan Komen's thing is pink ribbons and racing "For The Cure," and if you're some other kind of charity and you think that you're going to do something "For The Cure," or wear pink while you're doing it, well, you better wake up and smell the copyrights, bitch.

Last year, Ms. Tighe's Uniting Against Lung Cancer got a letter from Komen requesting it change the name of the charity's "Kites for a Cure" fund-raiser, a beach event featuring hand-decorated kites, to "Kites for a Cause," or another name. Komen later warned her against any use of pink in conjunction with "cure."

Fucking your fucking kites. Lung cancer is for pussies.

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