The summer's been fun, but you might as well just sleep through the rest of it. The climactic event has occurred. That's right: the paper of record has decided which sport is most popular in The Hamptons this season.

Of course you can't go to The Hamptons with the rich folks, so all summer there you are in your hovel, bantering excitedly with your several roommates about which leisure activity will be adopted by the greatest number of summering Hamptonites this year. "I feel sure it will be logrolling!" says one. "Certainly it will be goldfish-swallowing!" says another. "It must be tightrope walking!" says a third. "I hope against hope that this will be the year for doing jumping jacks atop inflatable rafts!" you interject. Whoa, settle down! The verdict is in:

MIDWAY through prime Hamptons season, it's clear that stand-up paddling is emerging as the sport of the summer, much as Kadima and Rollerblading did in years past.

"Stand-up paddling, Summer 2010" has now been inscribed on the Silver 'Hamptons Sport of the Summer' plaque that hangs in the New York Times building right next to the wall of Pulitzers. Better luck next year, Kadima (losers).

[NYT. Pic via]