He's so happy to be back in the business he blew his wad on babes and blow. Two married country singers are strumming each other's guitars, and the least blind reality show item ever. Sometimes it's gotta be easy.

1. "This aging star who recently got a part in film with other vintage names, is so excited to be reintroduced into the business, he went on a gigantic cocaine bender over the weekend. He invited hoards of young girls back to his hotel room and the group partied all night.
Not Arnold Schwarzenegger. " [BuzzFoto]

2. "I don't know if it is because it has been awhile since I had a blind item about country music singers or the fact of who this is about, but I love this one. Two country singers. The male is A++ list. Married. To a celebrity. Can't say too much about the wife or it would totally give it away. The other singer is a woman. Probably a B list in the country singing world. Maybe that is just because of her name recognition though. She is also in a significant relationship. Anyway, the two have known each other for a few years. They met in a meeting if you know what I mean. Her for one reason and him for another. The next thing you know, they are trying to arrange tour dates close to each other and meeting at a place in Nashville when his wife is out of town. She has said the sex is kind of boring and quiet but really likes him and feels sorry for him. What about your boyfriend or his wife? I wonder if she feels sorry for them." [CDaN]

3. "The revolving door of judges on this reality show was not carefully planned. Judge 1 wanted out a couple of years ago, but producers refused to let him/her go because they thought he/she was the single biggest factor in the show's success. They thought that Judge 3 was easily replaced by anyone of the same gender, but were disappointed that the audience never warmed up to Judge 4 (Judge 3′s replacement). Producers brought in Judge 5 because they thought he/she would provide the warmth factor as well as being an informed critic. Likeable, yes. Critical, no. Three facts are not being made public. The first is that both Judge 4 and Judge 5 are being blamed for the show's decline. The producers feel that their picks were not up to par (talent-wise and personality-wise) with previous seasons. The second is that Judge 4 was supposed to have been fired last season, but they couldn't find an adequate replacement quickly enough. The third is that Judge 2 will be let go by next season." [Blind Gossip]

4. "Which network executive was fired for overusing his casting couch? The horny TV honcho was demanding oral sex in exchange for roles on his shows and had a fling with an actress known for her accessibility." [P6]

5. "Which popular Manhattan restaurant had a problem when a rat scurried out of the kitchen across the dining room floor and over a woman's foot? The lady shrieked and ran out, while the eatery went silent as other customers sat in disbelief." [P6]

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