Wyclef Jean announced this morning that he's resigning from Yele Haiti, his scandal-plagued charity, to focus on his bid for Haiti's presidency, which he'll formally announce on Larry King's show tonight.

From the press release that just went out:

Wyclef Jean, the founder and chairman of Yéle Haiti, a leading nongovernmental organization (NGO) focused solely on Haiti, announced last night that he will relinquish his leadership role in the organization, effective immediately.

The announcement follows weeks of speculation that Jean is contemplating a presidential bid in Haiti's upcoming election. He is scheduled to formally announce his intentions this evening on CNN's "Larry King Live." Derek Q. Johnson, best known for heading up the revitalization of Harlem's famed Apollo Theater, will assume the role of CEO to continue the organization's strong momentum during the transition.

There's no mention of Yele's well-publicized (by John Cook, mostly) troubles under Wyclef's leadership, but the appointment of Johnson, who has a sterling resume, is at least a nod to the fact that Yele Haiti deserves better leadership. Also, Wyclef needs to find that $2.1 million for the IRS. We wish him well.