Caroline Giuliani, the Obama-supporting thespian daughter of Rudy—and a senior at Harvard—has been arrested for shoplifting from a skincare and beauty store on the Upper East Side. But why would a rich kid like Caroline steal?

It's a question for the ages: Why do rich people bother shoplifting? Four theories why the young heiress may have swiped toiletries from an Upper East Side beauty store:

1. She's "acting out." This was one of the theories when a teenage Caroline announced her support for Obama on her Facebook page back in 2007. The Giuliani children have notorious strained relations with their father—is it possible that, as a young adult, Caroline is still rebelling against her father's stern public life?

2. She acting, period. A devoted thespian, Caroline has acted in a Harvard YouTube soap opera and, according to a brief survey of her public Facebook photos, myriad stage productions. Maybe she'll pull a Winona and say she was method-acting?

3. She's a dumb kid fucking around with her friends. Stupidity is a known side effect of youth, as is the desire to seek thrills. Perhaps the follies of youth are at play here. Time for some eye witness testimony from Facebook:

4. She is waiting until she is behind bars to practice her Houdini-like skills of escape and contortion. According to Facebook, Caroline is highly flexible and talented at yoga. There's a criminal angle there, somewhere, right?

[NYPost, top image via Getty]

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