Some raw footage has leaked of Katie Couric practicing an introductory segment on Sarah Palin in 2008, during which Couric says about Palin's kids, "Where the hell do they get these names?" Scandal! Lamestream media!

Politico's Jonathan Martin writes that "Sarah Palin allies" are "circulating" this video, which shows the evil Katie Couric hearing the names "Trig" and "Track" and having the exact same "WTF?" reaction that everyone else on Earth had at the time. Couric also fact-checks the pronunciation of "Wasilla," because she had not heard of it. These snobs from the big city! They don't know shit.

So, will Sarah Palin's ghostwriter take the time to condemn Katie Couric again today on Facebook? She still hates Couric over that "most devastating series of interviews ever" thing during the 2008 campaign, after all. It'll probably happen.

[via Rumproast]

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