Slate wrote a special computer program to monitor Sarah Palin's Facebook wall, and deletions by the critter-shootin' Republican reveal her unwritten rules of engagement: Do not make Palin look unpopular, racist, insane or in any way wrong, on her Facebook.

The potential 2012 presidential candidate grooms her profile especially carefully, Slate notes, deleting way more content than Sen. Scott Brown, Rep. Michele Bachmann and even more than Mitt Romney, the former Massachusets governor and an actual robot.

The comments Palin's people delete fall into several categories:

Mean to Sarah Palin, or in polite disagreement with Sarah Palin

- "Please go away from my wall. I do not like you or agree with any dumb thing you say or do."
- "All you have to do is disassociate yourself from those Tea Partiers that are indeed racist and the NAACP goes away... Remember John Mccain, circa 2008 in which a woman stood up and called Candidate Obama a Muslim. The Honorable John Mccain rebuked her. This could be your moment."
- "I am beginning not to like you (Sarah). You have endorsed every women candidate running."
- "I can't believe Sarah endorsed Ayotte. Ayotte is not a Momma Grizzley."

Make Sarah Palin and her "base" look scary

- "America's greatest threat is Marxism and International Jewry/Zionism!"
- "Do us a favor Sarah, trap a few Wolves and ship em to D.C., they do eat Rats don't they?"

Reveal Sarah Palin as pro-Jesus insurgent

- "Those in the media... will come down. You are a threat to them and their evil ways. David only needed 5 stones to bring down the giant. and I belive those five stones had on them five letters JESUS. The road may get hard but one day you will know God gave you that to walk."

Well, at least Palin's paying attention to her various websites, unlike certain other politicians. And good thing: Who knows what the liberal media elites would try to make of one too many comments about the threat of "Jewry/Zionism!"