Celebrity cameos are nothing new for Entourage, but tonight's episode pulled out all of the stops. Shall we count? Jessica Simpson. Mike Tyson. Sasha Gray. Stan Lee. Bob Saget. Aaron Sorkin. Phoning in a TV show never looked so famous.

[There was a video here]

To quickly run it down:

- With Vince and Sasha now hooking up, E and Sloan are no longer the only ones left on the show with the romantic chemistry of an 8th grade couple! He's showing signs of a possible "Vince goes off to rehab" subplot, but chances are they'll come up with some movie deal that miraculously coincides with everything in the Entourage universe suddenly becoming just fine. But that's just a guess.

- Turtle kept pouring everyone in his immediate vicinity tequila shots. Nothing to see here. It's the most shameless product placement in recent history, and his subplot is as flimsy as it blatant.

- Ari fought to keep clients from jumping ship, thus giving the show everything necessary for a parade of celebrity cameos

- Johnny Drama tried to pick a fight with Bob Saget. He managed to maintain his cartoonish buffoonery at an impossibly high level, so good for him!

- E and Sloan tried anal sex, and in keeping true to the defining characteristics of their relationship, were able to make it an uncomfortable, forced and boring scenario.

There's only so far you can go with plots like this until it just becomes clear the the writers are straight up messing with you.