Rich old people beware: The Post says "a group of Gypsies" are running around New York! Just ask 95-year-old Alan Russell, who met "Suprena" on the street and eventually gave her $350,000 so she could buy property in Florida.

According to the Post, "a pretty blonde" named Suprena, "who police believe may be linked to a group of Gypsies," met Russell on the street on the Upper East Side and was soon cooking his meals and keeping him company. And it wasn't long before she asked him for a lot of money. In the court filing, Russell says:

I had been drawn in by Ms. Suprena Stanley and as a result, I unfortunately trusted her, and in June I got a cashier's check for $350,000 and gave it to her."

Wouldn't you just call that being swindled? But "Suprena" must be a Gypsy because the Post and "police" think that's a weird name.