French president Nicolas Sarkozy envies the size of Barack Obama's big ass presidential airplane, Air Force One, so much that he ordered a bigger plane, nicknamed Air Sarko One, for €176 million. Carla Bruni will be most impressed.

The cost of the plane is becoming an issue in France, since the economy was destroyed a while ago and everyone is poor and all that. But that hasn't stopped Sarkozy from going for it, according to the Telegraph. The final touches are being put on the massive reupholstering job inside the plane and they include an air filtration system so Sarkozy can smoke cigars, a shower and large bedroom, as well as a conference room and 60 business class seats. He asked for a full size bathtub was told it couldn't be done, and settled for a smaller, and way less sexy "flood-proof hip bath." The plane also has standard presidential features, like a missile decoy system and an encrypted communications system.

But the most important thing is the sheer size of the converted Airbus A330-200: it has a wingspan that is two feet wider than Obama's Air Force One. The plane is making test flights and should be ready to shuttle Sarkozy and Bruni around by October.

[Images via AP; Air France]