Sometimes to really stand out, you need to leave a long, juicy comment. Sometimes all you really need is a sentence to get a good joke in. Today we us celebrate the soul of wit found in brevity.

Here are three favorite one-liners from today, in descending order of maturity.

From our post about the politician who accused his opponent of taking "Jewish money" comes this zinger from Ms.Attitude:

This is a schmear campaign.

Cute. But does it match this quip about Paul the psychic octopus?

That book deal is going to be a steal for the publisher. They won't even have to pay for ink.

And finally, because we haven't heard it used so well since the schoolyard of St. Dymphna's School of Wayward Boys in the third grade, there's this oldie but goodie from Doinker about Snooki's arrest:

Chinese, Japanese... Dirty Knees, Look at these!

Yuk, yuk, yuk. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be here all week!

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