With her alcohol-monitoring SCRAM bracelet visible on her ankle, Lindsay Lohan smiles and poses like Marilyn Monroe over a sidewalk grate—then whips out two handguns and "settles the score with the media." The ShamWow guy is there, too.

Turns out LiLo was busy during the lull between receiving her jail sentence and surrendering herself. She posed for Vanity Fair and, without telling the public, she also filmed a sketch for Underground Comedy 2010, dressing as macabre role model Marilyn Monroe and murdering paparazzi. For unknown reasons, the ShamWow guy is there, too. (To clean up?)

Here's the trailer for the movie, which the ShamWow guy directed (his name is Vince Offer), and which gets blurbed as "the most offensive movie ever made." (Is there really no earnest neo-Nazi rom-com buried in a film archive somewhere?) So, in case you don't want to see a pig performing oral sex on a guy who looks like Perez Hilton (0:22) more screenshots are below.